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Mum told me: The only way you'll get on with your dad is to have a sex swapThe devastated son of the rapist dubbed the British Josef Fritzl was once told by his mum: The only way youll get on with your father is if you have a sex-change. He was only a little boy at the time, too young to understand the horrifying meaning of the words. It wasnt until he was 18 that she finally spelt out to him the sickening truth about the savage who had raped his two sisters more than 1,000 times and routinely battered him and his mother. And today he is haunted by the thought his mother should have shopped the fiend for his unspeakable crimes and saved her tragic children from decades o

f abuse. The son - who cannot be na

med for legal reasons - revealed what his mum had told him as he spoke for the first tim

e about the nightmare of growing up in the lair of a monster. He was beaten so often by his father that by the time he was just seven his nerves were shattered - and he tried to kill himself. But he never realised the appalling ordeal being suffered by his two older sisters, who were made pregnant 18 times by their drunken dad during a 30-year reign of terror at his hands. The brute even raped them while they were expecting. His son said: I had no idea what was going on - I was blind. The girls were just eight and 10 when their rape agony began in the late 1970s. Their brother - now in his 30s - was not sexually abused. But from an early age he was subjected to merciless violence. He said: Dad really beat me up - I would get knocked out. He used to thump me in the face and punch me in the stomach. He threw me down the stairs once and it split my head open. Hes done some really horrible things. And recalling the traumatic day of his childhood suicide bid, I took a load of tablets and I was really wobbly, falling about everywhere. But nobody noticed I took anything, so I slept the drugs off. Yet it could have killed me outright. The fiend always managed to keep what was one step ahead of justice by regularly changing homes. His family lived in at least 67 diffe

rent places in the Sheffield and Lincolnshire area - including caravans. The son said: We were constantly moving. Youd get to know people and make friends and then we were told to pack up, were leaving. And conditions were sometimes so cramped and horrendous the son was even forced to use a tiny cupboard under the stairs as a bedroom while his sisters had to share a room. He said his mum was often battered by his father - and rows were commonplace. He said: My dad never took my mums side - hed always take my sisters. When one of them found out she was pregnant Mum told her, You dont want to be getting pregnant at your age. She was just 14. But I didnt know it was my dad. The mother walked out in 1992 and later got a divorce. Her son followed sisters - I blind when he was only 15 - and already had a job - after yet another clash with his booze

crazed father. He said: I remember the day w

ell e

nough. I went to take my dad a drink. I carried it through and he told me to F off with your mother. So I went downstairs, packed two black bags and walked away. An old couple picked me up in the street and I somehow managed to get to work on time. Then I found a caravan to live in - although I did go back later. But he did not learn the full horror of his sisters ordeal until he was 18, when he met his mother and her new lover in a pub.

He rec

alled: Her boyfriend got up to go to the bar and Mum just turned round and said, Do you know your nephew X? He is your fathers child. At that point I didnt believe it - but I still acted on it. I went to the police and was even interviewed by them. I gave a written statement about what Mum told me. Soon after, he said, his father got an official letter - and launched a vicious attack on the teenage boy. His son said: He throttled me and nearly strangled me. I ran out of the house -

and never went back. I thought something would have been done by the p

olice or social services. But nothing happened - and I almost stopped believing the truth. Hell A damning report last week revealed how 100 professionals from 28 different agencies failed the sisters time after time after time as their dad abused them. Eleven of their 18 pregnancies ended in miscarriages or stillbirths. It was only in 2008 that one of them plucked up the courage to tell police about their hell, which mirrored the 24year sex-dungeon ordeal of the daughter of Austrian incest rapist Josef Fritzl. The dad was jailed for life soon after. But his son said: I cant understand why my sisters didnt confide in me because I would have done something instead of letting it carry on all these years. He blames social workers for not spotting the abuse - and his mother for failing to raise the alarm. He said: We were let down by the authorities but Mum could have got in touch with someone. Im sure I remember my sister and her talking about it. So if my mother knew, why didnt she take her daughter out the way to safety? d

.collins@people.co.uk NORMAL LIES Social psychologist and author Dr Sandra Wheatley explains why the girls took so long to shop their dad. CHILDREN learn whats normal from their parents - and in this case they were conditioned from an early age to think it was normal to have sex with their father. But as they grew up theyd have slowly realised it was a lie. So why did it take them so long to tell police? Abuse victims often blame themselves and the girls would have constantly been asking themselves: Did I encourage him? But the blame, of course, lies with the father. And the horrifying truth may be he enjoyed having sex with his daughters. For the victims, life will now be about healing. Theyll want to be treated like anyone else. Being accepted is a vital part of the process. HORROR BYNUMBERS 2 daughters were made pregnant by their father 7 children were born to the girls and fathered by their own father 23 times social workers asked about paternity of the daughters kids 28 Agencies failed to stop the attacks on the girls 100 workers failed to take action to stop the abuse